Transfer Printing

We offer transfer printing services for anyone that does not have all their own equipment.The minimum requirement is a proper heat press. The client will need to provide their artwork in the correct format and layout based on the correct page size for the transfer, otherwise a fee will be charged per image per page that needs to be converted. No artwork with a black background will be accepted unless it needs to be printed as such. Custom Gear takes no responsibility for the incorrect application of any transfer. Do not use a normal household iron to apply the transfers as this will not work.

All artwork must be in PNG, TIFF or PDF format. Backgrounds that must not be printed need to be removed. All non-transparent white space will be printed as white on the laser prints. JPEG is also acceptable for the sublimation prints, but not for the laser prints.

We use a Uninet iColor 540 laser printer with a maximum resolution of 1200 DPI so you can be assured that the print quality will be the best it can be, dependent on the quality of the artwork supplied.

Sublimation – A4

Direct to Film Transfers – A3



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